Risk Map Manual


Here are instructions how to use the Risk Map Web application. The sections below are in the same order as the menu items in the web application.

Map Overlay

There are eight different settings for the map. Hide everything in order to maximize the visibility of the risk map features, or show some, or all, features for comparison. By default, everything is hidden.

  • Inverse map
  • Show/Hide Country borders
  • Show/Hide provinces within a country
  • Show/Hide major cities
  • Show/Hide major roads
  • Show/Hide Point-Of-Interest (POI)
  • Show/Hide landscapes
  • Show/Hide water

    map overlay


If you click on the Latitudes menu, you can select and display geographic or geomagnetic latitudes. Three different geomagnetic field models are available:

  • CGM North pole (2010)
  • IGRF dip pole (2010)
  • and IGRF geomagnetic pole (2010).


Power Grid

  • To display one or several power grids start to click on Power Grid
  • Select individual countries using the check boxes or click Select all to select all countries in the list. To deselect all countries in the list, click on Select None.

    power grid

  • Next, in the Power Grid Legend (images below), you can choose to show the selected power grids.
  • Select Transformer station to display nodes for the countries selected.
  • Select High-voltage line to display lines for the same countries.
  • If High-voltage line is selected, the color of the lines can be choosen by Lines by voltage or All lines.
  • The first (left image) will display one color for all lines of a specific voltage level. The second (right image) option will display all lines in the same color using the color picker: First select the base color in the circle, then select the amount of white/black from the square in the middle.      

    power grid by voltage  power grid all lines



Data Overlay: Statistics

In Data Overlay, select "Statistics":

data overlay statistics

  • Max (GIC) regionally averaged: Averaged Maximum GIC for the nearest neighbour stations in the period 1996-2008. 
  • Mean (GIC) regionally averaged: Averaged Mean GIC value for the nearest neighbour stations in the period 1996-2008.
  • Max (E): Maximum electric field in the period 1996-2008.
  • Mean (E): Mean electric field in the period 1996-2008.
  • Max (EVec): Maximum electric field vector magnitude. 


In the Statistics Legend:

  • The circle indicates the size of the current (A), or electric field (V/km).
  • The area of the circle scale with the number.
  • For max(Evec) a vector is displayed, that indicate the electric field strength and direction.
  • Color: click on the circle/vector to change color.
  • Visualisation settings: "adjust circles color" set the color brightness depending on the circle radius, and the "adjust opacity color" decrease the opacity for larger circles.

statistics legend

Data Overlay: Conductance

In Data Overlay, select "Conductance":

Choose values from 20 to 160 Km.

data overlay conductance

In the Conductance Legend:

  • The colors correspond to different values of the ground conductivity (in log(S))

legend conductance

Data Overlay: Events

In Data Overlay, select "Events" and then one of seven events displaying Geomagnetic field, dB/dt and Electric field:

data overlay events


In the Events Legend (left image):

  • Select what to display: The Electric field, the Magnetic field and/or dB/dt.
  • Select color by clicking on the arrows.
  • The lenght of the vectors scale with the numbers.

The player (right image) functionality:

  • A slider to drag to any time stamp (minutes)
  • Step forward/backward by minute.
  • Stop and Play.

legend eventsplayer



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