Project Objectives


The EURISGIC project will produce the first European-wide real-time prototype forecast service of geomagnetically induced currents (GIC) in power systems, based on in-situ solar wind observations and comprehensive simulations of the Earth's magnetosphere. GIC forecast model

By utilising geomagnetic recordings, we will also derive the first map of the statistical risk of large GIC throughout Europe. Because the most intense geomagnetic storms constitute the most remarkable threat, with a risk of power grid blackouts and destruction of transformers, we will also investigate worst-case GIC scenarios based on historical data.

EURISGIC will exploit the knowledge and advanced modelling methods developed in Europe and North America. Close communication throughout the project with a stakeholder advisory group will help in directing the research and outreach appropriately.

The results of this study will help in the future design of more robust and secure protection against GIC in power transmission grids in Europe, which are anticipated to become increasingly interconnected and geographically wider. 

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