GIC: removed lines


Examples with one line removed (19 cases with this grid model). The original grid is on the left-hand-side and the modified grid on the right-hand-side. In difference plots, the original grid is again on the left-hand-side. The right-hand-side shows the difference between the modified and original grids.
Note especially that GIC is most affected at the end nodes of the removed line, and usually nearly unchanged elsewhere.

Interesting detail: In case of one removed line, there are two directions of the electric field producing the same GIC as in the original grid. Explanation: For any node or line, GIC is a sinusoidal function of the rotation angle of the electric field. Then there are always two zero points.

Removed line:
Alajärvi-Huutokoski - difference plot
Alajärvi-Kangasala - difference plot
Alajärvi-Pikkarala - difference plot
Alajärvi-Ulvila - difference plot
Alapitkä-Huutokoski - difference plot
Alapitkä-Petäjäskoski - difference plot
Koria-Huutokoski - difference plot
Inkoo-Hyvinkää - difference plot
Hyvinkää-Kangasala - difference plot
Hyvinkää-Nurmijärvi - difference plot
Inkoo-Lieto - difference plot
Koria-Loviisa - difference plot
Petäjäskoski-Letsi - difference plot
Lieto-Olkiluoto - difference plot
Nurmijärvi-Loviisa - difference plot
Pikkarala-Messaure - difference plot
Olkiluoto-Ulvila - difference plot
Petäjäskoski-Pirttikoski - difference plot
Pikkarala-Pirttikoski - difference plot